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C-Cube international

C-Cube international is specialist in corrosion and wear and has developed and patented technology to measure corrosion very precisely.

With this technology, C-Cube international decreases maintenance costs and increases uptime of our clients by measuring corrosion in an early state, before equipment failure.

Specialist in corrosion and predictive maintenance

We have developed services and products for:

  • Damage analyses, Materials testing and Consultancy;
  • Onsite Corrosion Property measurement of metal and ceramic coatings, for example Hydraulic Cylinder Rods;
  • Onsite Lifetime Enhancing Treatment for metal and ceramic coatings;
  • Onsite Paint Coating Quality Measurement (EIS)

We operate globally covering a wide range of industries such as infrastructure, shipping and process industries, insurance companies or research organisations, offshore applications, dredging, hydraulics and coating applications.

Patented technology

Patented Technology

C-Cube Internationaal's state of the art patented technology decreases maintenance costs and drastically increases life expectancy of their client assets.

Corrosion specialist

Corrosion Specialist

C-Cube International is a global corrosion and wear specialist. Damage analyses, materials testing and expert consultancy on lifetime prognoses and lifetime enhancement.

On-site corrosion property measurement, on-site lifetime enhancing treatment, on-site paint coating quality measurement

For metal and ceramic coatings


Lifetime advice

C-Cube corrosion engineers provide insight in what happened during failure. This valuable information enables the client to take measures to prevent failure in the future.

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Materials testing

With in-house test development all relevant techniques are available. Specific tests for materials performance testing are Tensile Adhesion, Dynamic Bending, Friction Coefficient and wear factor determination, Ereosion Corrosion.

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On-site services

our on-site services give insight in the actual condition of coatings, paint, glass and metal coatings. The EPQ testing of hydraulic cylinder rod coatings determines how far watre can penetrate into coating.

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About C-Cube

Founded and managed by Guus Coolegem, C-Cube international offers services to determine the current status and lifespan of coatings that protect materials from corrosion.

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